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Sudan News Update (2-8 August)
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Last week 14 people died of cholera in Murnei in West Darfur. In other
news, the first warning to launch the weapons collection campaign in Darfur.
*Darfur & Sudan News Update by Radio Dabanga (2 - 8 August)*
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*Cholera kills 14 in West Darfur camp, halts in Sennar*
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*August 7 - 2017 MURNEI / EL FASHER / TOKAR / SENNAR One cholera patient
died and 39 new cases were reported in Darfur over the weekend. Last week
14 people died of cholera in Murnei camp in West Darfur, where the
isolation centre received 25 new cholera patients on Saturday. Local
sources have attributed the cause of the increased infection rate mostly to
a lack of potable water and unawareness of camp residents and officials. A
North Darfur locality recorded four deaths in a couple of days. A state
public health specialist, Esam Osman Zakaria, resigned from the Ministry of
in protest against the government’s silence on cholera. “Because of misty
reports on 'watery diarrhoea' in Kabkabiya, the cover up and non-response
to the demands of the medical teams that have been sent to the area,” he
told Radio Dabanga. In Tokar, in the eastern Red Sea state, two people died
of cholera last week. The total number of deaths has risen to five and more
than 100 infections in a week's time. A journalist reported to this station
that most of the infections in Tokar originate from the districts
surrounding the town, which are overcrowded and lack clean water and
toilets. In eastern Sudan’s Sennar, the spread of the infectious disease
seems to be halted. Cholera has been ravaging in a number of localities but
isolation centres in El Dindir, El Souki, and Singa witnessed a remarkable
decrease in infection rates in the past few days.*
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*First warning in Darfur's illegal arms, vehicle collection*
*August 8 - 2017 EL FASHER The five governors of Darfur and the Second
Vice-President of Sudan issued a warning to people who possess weapons
illegally, or unlicensed vehicles, to hand them over to the Sudanese army
and police or risk a penalty. Complaints arose over the government
targeting civilians, instead of militia members.*
*The first meeting of the Higher Commission for the Collection of
Unlicensed Firearms and Vehicle took place this week to implement the
disarmament campaign in Darfur. Only owners of unregistered Land Cruisers
will be compensated for the confiscation as of Monday, Second
Vice-President Hassabo Mohamed Abdelrahman said. Specific measures are
established for the many segments of the paramilitary Border Guards,
Popular Defence Forces, Rapid Support Forces and Central Reserve Forces.
The holding of weapons will be restricted to the regular forces, initially
in Darfur and Kordofan but eventually in all states of the country.*
*Representatives of displaced people and activists in Darfur have ridiculed
the government's decision to collect weapons. “This campaign should collect
arms from the hands of the government’s militias, not from civilians,” an
activist told Radio Dabanga, claiming that all illegal weapons in Darfur
are in the hands of militiamen. Some complained that the ones who own a
Land Cruiser with a machine gun mounted on top are often the bandits who
roam the markets carrying weapons and exercise banditry.*

*More news from Radio Dabanga:*
*Unamid appoints new head, coordinates exit strategy*

August 8 - 2017 NEW YORK / EL FASHER UPDATE 18:30 A new head for the
military component of the peacekeeping mission was appointed today.
Meanwhile the capital of North Darfur hosted...

*Cholera spreads in northern Sudan*

August 8 - 2017 HALFA / DALGO Cholera has extended to the north of Sudan
and reached Abri in Halfa locality, where four cases were reported on
Monday. A hospital recorded more infected...

*East Darfur Maaliya denounce ‘illegal detention’ of their leaders*

August 7 - 2017 ADILA / ED DAEIN / KHARTOUM Security forces in East Darfur
detained 24 Maaliya leaders on Friday, and sentenced them to imprisonment
under the Emergency Law. Last...

*UNHCR concerned about incidents in White Nile refugee camp*

August 6 - 2017 KHARTOUM The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has raised serious
concerns about disturbances in the El Waral camp for South Sudanese
refugees in White Nile state last...

*Violence in Darfur: Shooting, abduction, robberies*

August 6 - 2017 GIREIDA / TAWILA Two farmers and their son were shot and
robbed in Gireida in South Darfur on Friday. In North Darfur’s Tawila, two
farmers were kidnapped and the passengers...
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*Demands to treat miners with cholera outside of Northern town*

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*Severe weather kills seven in Sudan capital*

August 6 - 2017 KHARTOUM At least seven people died during rain storms that
hit Khartoum state on Thursday night...

*'90 Sudanese fighting for IS': report*

August 4 - 2017 KHARTOUM The number of Sudanese enrolled in the Islamic
State (Da'esh) is recorded at 90 people, including 50 in Syria and Iraq and
40 in Libya. An estimated 70 Sudanese...

*El Hilu’s SPLM-N faction declares six-month unilateral cease fire*

August 3 - 2017 NUBA MOUNTAINS The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North
(SPLM-N) faction led by Lt. Gen Abdelaziz El Hilu has declared a six-month
unilateral cessation of...

*Khartoum court postpones student’s murder verdict again*

August 3 - 2017 KHARTOUM The Criminal Court of Khartoum North on Wednesday
once again postponed the verdict session in the case of Asim Omar, a
student at the University of Khartoum...

*Khartoum police chief: ‘Social media panic prompts kidnapping reports’*

August 2 - 2017 KHARTOUM The police chief of Sudan’s Khartoum state says
that 17 cases of kidnapping have been filed over the last two weeks ‘as a
result of the panic of residents reacting...

*Demands to treat miners with cholera outside of Northern State town*

August 4 - 2017 DELGO The number of gold miners who contracted cholera in
the last week has overloaded the Hospital of Delgo in Northern State.
Members of local Popular Committees...
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