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On Aug 12 10:55:38, h...@stare.cz wrote:
> http://marc.info/?t=150223362500004&r=1&w=2
> A build of the current git master (14.4.2 too) fails on MacOS 10.7.
> Thanks to Joshua Root of MacPorts, I have tracked the root cause
> to the following line in src/Makefile.am:
>   -export-symbols-regex 
> '^(sox_.*|lsx_(check_read_params|(close|open)_dllibrary|(debug(_more|_most)?|fail|report|warn)_impl|eof|fail_errno|filelength|find_(enum_(text|value)|file_extension)|getopt(_init)?|lpc10_(create_(de|en)coder_state|(de|en)code)|raw(read|write)|read(_b_buf|buf|chars)|realloc|rewind|seeki|sigfigs3p?|strcasecmp|tell|unreadb|write(b|_b_buf|buf|s)))$$'
> The problem is that the grep(1) that comes with MacOS 10.7
> just cannot grep for that, resulting in
>       /usr/bin/nm: no name list
>       grep: Regular expression too big
> The grep provided by MacPorts works fine, so a workaround exists.
> But I would like to get rid of it at the source: can the above regexp
> be simplified or even discarded? Am I right at thinking that this
> is what an outut of nm(1) is grepped for to get a list of symbols?
> Is the list accurate and up to date? Looking at the history
> https://sourceforge.net/p/sox/code/ci/7e74b254b2a7c963be0bfce751fc5911fe681c12/log/?path=/src/Makefile.am
> it has last been touched about four years ago.
> If there are any SoX users on MacOS 10.7,
> can you please try to build SoX with the system grep,
> as opposed to some other grep provided by macport or brew or else?
> Can you please try to just grep the above line with both grep(1)s?
>       Thank you
>               Jan

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