Yes, you're right.

I've applied your patch:;a=commit;h=08fea72e953e6e66cc9487b14a27f56585ef19b1

Thank you Johannes!

Tomas Lestach
RHN Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

On 03/28/2011 02:34 PM, Johannes Renner wrote:

I found it to be confusing, that if you go to the account preferences
page of a user (/rhn/account/ and change the user's
confirm password only (e.g. remove one of the dots), the message when
you hit the 'Update' button states:

'User information updated'

I'm not 100% sure about the expected behavior there, but I think if
both passwords don't match we actually shouldn't display a success
message (even if one of the passwords is the placeholder). The attached
patch refines the class UserEditActionHelper and adds the password
mismatch error as soon as both passwords don't match.


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