FYI - this information may be useful for spacewalk OracleXE users. Do we care to try testing Spacewalk 1.4 with the beta 11g XE?

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Subject:        Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Beta!
Date:   Thu, 7 Apr 2011 22:19:56 -0700
From:   Oracle's Database Application Developer Newsletter
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*April 2011*

*Database Application Developer Newsletter*

*Oracle Database 11/g/ Express Edition Beta!*

You've waited patiently, and now that patience pays off: the Oracle
Database 11/g/ Express Edition (XE) Beta
release is here. Download it and give us your feedback today!

Just as you expect, Oracle Database 11/g/ XE brings you an entry-level,
small-footprint RDBMS based on the Oracle Database 11/g/ Release 2
codebase that's free to develop on, deploy, and distribute. It's a great
way to get started with 11/g/ Release 2 features like Edition-Based

— The Oracle Technology Network Team (See Team Blog

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