Dne 12.4.2011 16:57, Michael Calmer napsal(a):
Ahh, different philosophies apply here :-)
Aha. Our "philosophy" is here:

So let me explain.

OBS does not build this RPM, because during build, every directory is checked
if it is owned by some package. rhn-client-tools is in Requires, but not
How the check is done? The package is installed with --nodeps?

1) add a BuildRequires: rhn-client-tools

Can be. But definitelly wrapped with %if suse_version since this Requires is not needed in Fedora and RHEL (well probably not needed even in SUSE, only in OBS)

2) add the %dir statement like above, maybe with %if suse_version around. RPM
work fine with directories owned by multiple packages.

Yes, suse wrapper is ok.
I'm against ownership by multiple packages because:
a) it is explicitly forbidden in Fedora Guidelines:
"... If your package already requires that package for other reasons, then your package should not also own that directory." b) I worked on several BZs in my life, where file/directory was owned by multiple packages but some of them use %attr(X), which was incompatible with %attr(Y) of that other package. And rpm will set attribute of that file/directory to that one, who will be installed last... So I learned the hard way to follow our Guidelines.

At SUSE we prefer to add the %dir statement to not accidently introduce build

Please tell me what you would prefer. I will send a new patch later this week.

Both options are fine if you wrap it with "%if suse_version". So choose yourself.


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