Hi all,

As previously discussed, I've started a project to create a proper set of 
Spacewalk documentation, sourced from the wiki, the Red Hat Satellite 
documentation, the SUSE Manager documentation and the Oracle Spacewalk 

I have started building the overall structure of the documentation to match the 
existing Red Hat Satellite book titles, so as to match the links currently 
visible in the Spacewalk Help tab.

The docs are being built from this repository:


And are now visible here:


Note that the webhook between GitHub and ReadTheDocs.org has not been 
configured, so I need to manually trigger an update when changes are merged to 
the GitHub repository.

The current output is limited to the latest three release notes (in terms of 
content), so as to build a hierarchy and to demonstrate both external and 
internal links/references.

The next steps for me personally is to complete the migration of all the 
release notes on the wiki, then start on the installation guide.

If you are interested in participating in the documentation effort, the next 
steps are to assign responsibilities for various books/chapters for 
conversion/migration from the current documentation on the wiki/Red 
Hat/SUSE/Oracle sites, please let me know if you have a preference for a 
particular book, otherwise I'm happy to assign something. :)

If you have any comments, suggestions, let me know. If you have any fixes, 
submit a pull request. :)


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