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> Hi,
> Currently, Spacewalk's PostgreSQL support depends on the stock RPMs
> supplied by
> the OS. However, we have several users out there who are using PostgreSQL
> community repo (because they are up2date), and the packages are slightly
> different than the Red Hat's packages.
> One change is that community RPMs allow multiple parallel version
> installation,
> so they use different directory layout, along with different init
> script/unit
> file name. We append PostgreSQL version number to both, so, instead of:
> service postgresql start
> we do
> service postgresql-9.6 start
> (or other major versions)
> I had to manually symlink -9.6 to versionless name, to be able to install
> Spacewalk. If we can find a way to detect PostgreSQL unit file/init script
> name, that would be awesome.

If you do not want to use the postgresql version from the OS, I'd recommend
to setup a an external DB on a separate machine.

contains all the instructions, how to run Spacwalk with external DB.

Tomas Lestach
Red Hat Satellite Engineering, Red Hat

> Another thing is that spacewalk depends on /usr/bin/psql, which we supply
> the
> binary via alternatives, so fail to supply the dependency. Any chance we
> can
> change the dependency to postgresql (the package name), which provides
> this?
> That way, community RPMs can be used for the backend.
> I am not a Python hacker, but I'm willing to test any patches that people
> can
> provide.
> Thanks!
> Regards,
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