Neal Gompa writes:
> Something is seriously wrong here.
> Today, I woke up to the news that SUSE forked Spacewalk[0] into Uyuni[1]
> (which frankly, is a hard name to say...). The explicit reason they gave
> for this was that despite requests to the community to step up to take over
> the Spacewalk project, the current Spacewalk leadership refused SUSE's
> offer to lead the community.
> To me, something sounds fishy about this, because I've historically known
> Red Hat folks to be very much community-first, so if Red Hat as a company
> was no longer interested in Satellite 5/Spacewalk, transitioning it to
> someone else who was interested in it should have been easy. However, the
> evidence they gave was pretty compelling[2]. At the same time, I have no
> means of verifying whether or not what SUSE is saying is true.
> As a Spacewalk user, I'm incredibly disappointed that the leadership
> managed to successfully drive away an interested party. At my scale (tens
> of servers), Spacewalk serves my needs perfectly.
> However, for those who think that Uyuni will be any better, my past
> experience with most SUSE teams has not been pleasant. They're usually not
> the most responsive group with their open source projects (KIWI[3]
> excepted). It's not a good sign that the SUSE Manager project development
> didn't already exist as an open branch to begin with.

Hi Neal,

SUSE Manager branch was not public because it was supposed to be, just like the 
Satellite branches (which I understand are also not public), a product branch 
used for releases. The collaboration point was always intended to be Spacewalk.

We never planned for our branch to start diverging. It just happened, and at 
this point we think SUSE Manager code-base makes up for a better "master" 

> A splinter in the small development community around Spacewalk sucks, and
> the cursory glance at Uyuni seems to indicate that things are pretty broken
> for non-SUSE distributions.

I would kindly ask you to give the people working on this some compassion and 
benefit of the doubt. Things are not there yet.
Since we realized we had to fork, we decided to use the openSUSE Conference as 
a deadline to make things happen from our side. I think our FAQ [1] covers some 
expectations about when things will be in place.

Uyuni server-side targets openSUSE Leap 42.3 for now. On the client side, 
things should work on Redhat-like and SUSE-like systems, however, mind that we 
haven't yet setup things to properly test that we support anything outside what 
SUSE Manager officially supports.

Once things are in place, we hope to take advantage of OBS, Salt and 
collaborators to reach as many platforms as possible.

Best regards,


Duncan Mac-Vicar P. - Director, Data Center Management; R&D

SUSE Linux GmbH, Maxfeldstraße 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
GF: Felix Imendörffer, Jane Smithard, Dilip Upmanyu, Graham Norton, HRB 21284 
(AG Nürnberg)

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