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> Hi Grant,
> I have found your details from "INC0446278" request raised for spacewalk..
> I would like to inform you that "spacewalk.qa.redhat.com &
> spacewalk.stage.redhat.com" certificates are going to expiry by 4th
> October 2018. Can you please confirm are you still using these
> certificates..

Wow - ok, those haven't actually been used since early-days of Spacewalk.
And with spacewalk.redhat.com now just a redirect to github, they're not
needed at all.

Wherever those systems are, they can be decommissioned. spacewalk.qa seems
to be already gone, I get "ping: spacewalk.qa.redhat.com: No address
associated with hostname", but spacewalk.stage still responds:

~ $ ping spacewalk.stage.redhat.com
PING spacewalk.stage.redhat.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from origin-www-stage-redhat-com.vserver.stage.ext.phx2.redhat.com
( icmp_seq=1 ttl=249 time=46.3 ms

Looks like spacewalk.stage is a vhost on www.stage.redhat.com that can be

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