Thank you Michael for the response, this is all I wanted to confirm. 

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Rajput, Jawad (CONTR):
> Good Afternoon.
> I have a question about Struts 1.x v1.3 (Apache Software Foundation, The). We 
> are running Spacewalk 2.9 and during software audit we found Spacewalk 2.9 is 
> running struts-1.3.10-18.sw.noarch which has already been EOL. I am wondering 
> if it possible to confirm if the Struts is backported or can it be updated to 
> supported version? Please advise. 

Hello Jawad,

Spacewalk uses struts v1.x. We know it's been EOLed and we follow and
fix possible CVEs. It isn't possible to upgrade to struts v2 because of
different API.

> - Jawad 


Michael Mráka
System Management Engineering, Red Hat

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