Brian Long:
> Michael, this is great news.  Is it expected Spacewalk 2.10 will fully
> support RHEL 8 clients including modules and appstreams?  I imagine
> due to previous threads you are not ready to support Spacewalk 2.10
> server on RHEL 8, but I hope clients will be fully supported.  Thank
> you for any additional details you can provide.

Hello Brian,

This release will not contain Spacewalk server on RHEL8 because we are
unable to build all necessary dependencies (yet).

As for RHEL 8 client there are no new features over Spacewalk 2.9.
So the current status both for Spacewalk 2.9 and 2.10 is
- able to sync RHEL 8 repos - both BaseOS and AppStream
- able to create kickstart distribution and profile for RHEL 8
- which also means able to provision RHEL 8 hosts (physical and virtual)
- if repo contains module information it's downloaded and passed on to client
- does not support creation of own modules
- does not properly show updates for modular repos
(maybe something else I can't remember off the top of my head). 

> /Brian/


Michael Mr√°ka
System Management Engineering, Red Hat

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