Stefan Bluhm:
> Hello Michael,
> can you please accept these pull requests to Spacewalk Master (all minor/low 
> risk changes in spec files):
> PR704 - Added info for clarity (for future work)
> PR705 - Updated Source URLs in SPEC Files to allow COPR builds
> PR706 - Adapted spec for RHEL8 package name.
> PR707 - Changed to versioned Python2 for RHEL8(only)
> PR708 - Modified cglib.jar naming for RHEL8
> There should not be any breaking changes or impact on other OS versions.

Hello Stefan,

I will. Just a note: there's no need to increase version/release and add 
into spec manually. It's done automatically by a script.

> Thank you,
> Stefan


Michael Mráka
System Management Engineering, Red Hat

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