On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 4:21 PM Stefan Bluhm <redhat....@bluhm-de.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been working quite a lot on the yum3 replacement. Dnf does deviate 
> quite a bit on the provided functionality but I believe I have almost 
> achieved functionality parity.
> One bit missing is are the updateinfo/errata notes. Does anyone of you know 
> how I can replace yum's yum.update_md.UpdateNotice with the dnf api? I was 
> not able to find anything that provides a similar object.
> Also is there any spec document available for the reposync and/or yum plugin? 
> On some bits, I am not actually sure if I am providing exactly the same 
> functionality or if I am reading the purpose of the functions correctly. So 
> this adds a lot of uncertainty for me on the testing.

Are you trying to get the XML from the repo or just get a particular
erratum notice? If the former, DNF's reposync API will give you the
full updateinfo.xml anyway. If the latter, you could look at the the
dnf updateinfo subcommand code[1] or the dnfdaemon Updateinfo code[2].
Those two examples show you how to grab updateinfo objects and do
something with them.

Do you have in-progress code available somewhere?


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