A few things to look at :

- if you have the database and the web frontend on the same machine , 4 GB to 
me sounds very minimal... PostgreSQL will become much quicker if it can cache 
more data so you might want to add some RAM (go to 6 or 8 GB and maybe tweak 
your PostgreSQL configuration a bit) When we were still running virtual the web 
frontend machine had 8 GB and the PostgreSQL VM had 8 GB, both with 2 cores and 
things ran fine (granted, with only roughly 70 clients)

- for us OSA became a lot smoother and more stable by switching it's backend 
from berkeley DB to SQLite ; I'd recommend this step to everybody using OSA. 
See https://www.redhat.com/archives/spacewalk-list/2011-March/msg00048.html on 
how to do this.‚Äč

- you might want to check if the machine is hitting I/O limits ; tools like 
vmstat can help a lot

More CPU's doesn't sound like the solution, as only one core is pegged at 100% 
; memory, disk I/O and maybe if it's a remote PostgreSQL instance network sound 
like more likely candidates.



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I have 465 servers in my SW environment, and I keep adding more everyday.  When 
finished, I'll have nearly a thousand servers in the environment.

My SW server is a virtual RHEL 6.6, SW v2.3.  I have four CPU's and four Gigs 
of memory allocated to the server.

Whenever I select "Systems" from the main menu a single CPU pegs at 100%, and 
it takes several minutes for the page to come up.  It appears that 
osa-dispatcher is what is using up the CPU.  osa-dispatcher is often at 99 to 

Is there  a way to performance tune SW?  Can I configure SW to use all four 
CPU's, or should I add additional CPU's, can configure SW to use all assigned 



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