I am actually leaning to moving to a physical server.  I have a server in the 
closet that is dual CPU, 8 core, 64GB of RAM.  I was originally thinking that 
it was a bit of over kill, but after reading this reply, perhaps its sized 

If I do move to a physical, can I migrate everything from the original SW 
server to the replacement server?  Can I export the database and import it 
over?  Migrate repositories over?  I am using a signed certificates, and I 
would like to continue using the same machine name and configuration.  Do I 
have to re-register these servers?  Its taken me a while to get 465 added in, 
and I don't want to have to re-register everything, especially since I continue 
adding on a daily bases.



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You need bare metal high performance machine.
We have 400 machines and use xeon7 24cores with 64 of ram.
Plus tuning: Postgres, Linux, tomcat

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I have 465 servers in my SW environment, and I keep adding more everyday.  When 
finished, I'll have nearly a thousand servers in the environment.

My SW server is a virtual RHEL 6.6, SW v2.3.  I have four CPU's and four Gigs 
of memory allocated to the server.

Whenever I select "Systems" from the main menu a single CPU pegs at 100%, and 
it takes several minutes for the page to come up.  It appears that 
osa-dispatcher is what is using up the CPU.  osa-dispatcher is often at 99 to 

Is there  a way to performance tune SW?  Can I configure SW to use all four 
CPU's, or should I add additional CPU's, can configure SW to use all assigned 


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