Spacewalk 2.5 (with 3 remote proxies)
CentOS 6.8 VM (running stock Postgres 8.4)
4 vCPUs
12GB memory

550 clients (CentOS/OracleLinux/EL5/6/7 with a sprinkling of Ubuntu and SuSE 
thrown in)

The System page in the WebUI loads in about 4-6 seconds (faster when the cache 
is warm).

I've done essentially no tuning except for changing the proxy timeout (due to 
issue with the large updateinfo size for Oracle Linux).

Looking at our memory utilization we could probably get away with 6-8GB of 
memory for our workload.

Hope this data point is useful.


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I am actually leaning to moving to a physical server.  I have a server in the 
closet that is dual CPU, 8 core, 64GB of RAM.  I was originally thinking that 
it was a bit of over kill, but after reading this reply, perhaps its sized 

If I do move to a physical, can I migrate everything from the original SW 
server to the replacement server?  Can I export the database and import it 
over?  Migrate repositories over?  I am using a signed certificates, and I 
would like to continue using the same machine name and configuration.  Do I 
have to re-register these servers?  Its taken me a while to get 465 added in, 
and I don't want to have to re-register everything, especially since I continue 
adding on a daily bases.



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Subject: Re: [Spacewalk-list] How to improve WUI performance

You need bare metal high performance machine.
We have 400 machines and use xeon7 24cores with 64 of ram.
Plus tuning: Postgres, Linux, tomcat

On Thursday, October 13, 2016, Daryl Rose 
<<>> wrote:

I have 465 servers in my SW environment, and I keep adding more everyday.  When 
finished, I'll have nearly a thousand servers in the environment.

My SW server is a virtual RHEL 6.6, SW v2.3.  I have four CPU's and four Gigs 
of memory allocated to the server.

Whenever I select "Systems" from the main menu a single CPU pegs at 100%, and 
it takes several minutes for the page to come up.  It appears that 
osa-dispatcher is what is using up the CPU.  osa-dispatcher is often at 99 to 

Is there  a way to performance tune SW?  Can I configure SW to use all four 
CPU's, or should I add additional CPU's, can configure SW to use all assigned 


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