> On 11 Apr 2018, at 3:53 pm, Nicole Beck <nsky...@syr.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a spacewalk 2.7 server running on CentOS 7, and I want to setup some 
> Oracle Enterprise Linux clients. I installed the spacewalk 2.7 client 
> software (from the Spacewalk project, not from Oracle) on a ULN6 and ULN7 
> test machine using the instructions at 
> https://github.com/spacewalkproject/spacewalk/wiki/RegisteringClients.

This should work, but ULN is the name of our update service, not our 
distribution so this was a very confusing email for me. :) FYI, ULN is the 
equivalent of RHN so for future reference, I’d suggest referring to Oracle 
Linux or OL instead of ULN. :)

Also, installing the Spacewalk 2.7 client from the Spacewalk project is not 
recommended. We released our build of Spacewalk 2.7 a couple of days ago, so I 
suggest syncing and installing our Spacewalk client instead. 

> Is that to be expected?  Both servers were previously registered with ULN as 
> to simulate our production servers.

If your production servers are registered to ULN than those messages are 
unsurprising, because replacing the default client means that ULN-CA-CERT was 
removed, but the ULN configuration expected it. If you never register your 
clients with ULN, you would not see this message.

Note that the default client on Oracle Linux 6 Update 9 and Oracle Linux 7 
Update 3 (or higher) supports registration direct to either ULN or Spacewalk 
out of the box. There is no need to install the Spacewalk client for 
registration, though we do recommend installing it anyway for additional 
functionality like rhncfg or osad.

> The documentation has the warning below about RedHat, so I’m wondering if the 
> same goes for ULN. I do not want to invalidate my ULN support.
> “Warning: If you are installing these packages on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
> installation it will override some of the original base packages and you may 
> well be invalidating your support agreement with Red Hat!”

You will not get support for the Spacewalk components, because those are not 
provided by Oracle. You won't invalidate your entire support though. Again, 
this is why I recommend using our build of Spacewalk and our client packages: 
you get support for Spacewalk included in your Oracle Linux support 

> I’ll note that I could see the ULN clients in the Spacewalk GUI, and could 
> update packages both thru the gui and with yum, so it works. But I’m 
> wondering about the errors.

It’s a side-effect of switching from ULN to Spacewalk and if your clients are 
working after a forced re-registration, I wouldn’t worry too much about it 
(because it shouldn’t reoccur after the registration anyway).


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