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>Good morning, all (or good afternoon, good evening, etc.)
>I've just discovered a rather unfortunate behavior, and I'm not
>entirely sure how I'm going to address it.  I came to discover it when
>implementing channel changes as a result of Oracle changing it's
>backend channel architecture (that's not a bad thing.)  Oracle has
>implemented a *_latest_archive channel for the OL6 and OL7
>distributions for pretty obvious reasons.
>On creation, and initial repository sync, I discovered the following
>error in /var/log/rhn/reposync/oraclelinux6-x86_64-latest_archive.log:
>2018/07/09 12:02:22 -05:00   Errata in repo: 3152.
>2018/07/09 12:03:55 -05:00     Syncing 3152 new errata to channel.
>2018/07/09 12:04:04 -05:00 ERROR: Invalid severity: Na
>2018/07/09 12:04:04 -05:00 ERROR: Invalid severity: Na
>After digging for a while, I ended up searching updateinfo.xml.gz from
>Oracle's public yum repository (we have an Oracle Linux subscription,
>most of these now sync through ULN,) and discovered:
>    <id>ELSA-2007-1165</id>
>    <title> Moderate:libexif security update </title>
>    <severity>Na</severity>
>    <release>Oracle Linux 6</release>
>And on looking further into Spacewalk as well has other errata, and the
>Spacewalk API docs, I keep coming up with more questions.
>ELSA-2007-1165 looks like it should be an OL5 errata, not an OL6 errata
>(per  I'm not
>sure why it's even listed in the OL6 updateinfo data.  All of the
>packages listed are el5 architecture, and there are el6 format packages
>available in OL6 for libexif.
>My RH Satellite install shows an equivalent errata, but limited to
>I don't see an equivalent errata for CentOS6.
>The Spacewalk API docs don't list a valid severity value of "Na". 
>RedHat's errata severity page specifically lists only 4 values and "Na"
>isn't one of them.
>Unfortunately, as a result of the error noted in the log, the repo sync
>halts and none of the errata are applied to the channel.  Hence, when I
>clone the channel down into my production channels, none of the errata
>will get cloned appropriately either.
>>From a quick Internet search, it appears that Oracle has used this
>value a few times.
>Am I missing something fundamental here?  Has this bitten anyone else? 
>Any suggestions for how to address this?

But the PR posted by me before must be patched further more OR the errata 
information have to be modified so the severity is set to 'none'.

>Jeff Kalchik
>Systems Engineering
>Land O'Lakes
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