Yes, it is:

[root@server #] yum info rhncfg-actions
Installed Packages
Name        : rhncfg-actions
Arch        : noarch
Version     : 5.10.122
Release     : 1.el7.centos
Size        : 1.0 k
Repo        : installed
>From repo   : spacewalk-client
Summary     : Spacewalk Configuration Client Actions
URL         :
Licence     : GPLv2
Description : The code required to run configuration actions scheduled via the
            : RHN Classic website or Red Hat Satellite or Spacewalk.

See the 'From repo' section.


From: <> on 
behalf of Jose Hernandez <>
Sent: 11 August 2018 21:45
Subject: Re: [Spacewalk-list] Spacewalk - remote command option - 
rhncfg-actions RPM lo not found

The package is simply not present in the spacewalk repos. This is not a client 
side configuration issue.

On Aug 11, 2018 12:43 PM, "Graeme Fowler" 
<<>> wrote:
If I do the 'yum search rhncfg-actions' I get:

> ========================= N/S matched: rhncfg-actions 
> ==========================
> python2-rhncfg-actions.noarch : Spacewalk Configuration Client Actions
> rhncfg-actions.noarch : Spacewalk Configuration Client Actions

Is the repo enabled? Have you done a 'yum clean all' to force downloading 
metadata again?


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