Dear Paul,

Do you have found a solution to your repo?
From my side I’ve moved all my repos to an old directory but spacewalk will be 
re-create them.
Before creating a crontab job to removing of these files automatically, I 
wanted to know if another solution exists.

Best regards,

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There is another option mentioned in the archive, about updating /etc/yum.conf 
with a new reposdir=.  This avoids updating/creating the repositories when the 
CentOS release rpm is updated with the next kernel release.   Oracle and Redhat 
do not include the repository information in the primary release rpm, but 
provide optional rpms or methods to install the repositories.  By separating 
the functionality of the rpm, this avoids these issues.  I wish CentOS would 
follow the same process as well.

# rpm -ql centos-release-7-5.1804.5.el7.centos.x86_64 |grep repo


# rpm -ql oraclelinux-release-7.5-1.0.5.el7.x86_64 |grep repo

- Thanks and good luck

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Hi Paul

There are a few options to disable existing repo’s really:

1.       Move existing related repo files to a different location (like you’ve 

mkdir /root/Original_Repos
mv /etc/yum.repos.d/* /root/Original_Repos/
yum clean all and/orrm -rf /var/cache/yum

2.       Temporarily disable during update.

yum --disablerepo=<Repo Name> update

3.       Permanently disable.

Change the value of “enabled=” from 1 to 0 in /etc/yum.repos.d/<Repo Name>


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Subject: [Spacewalk-list] Disable downloading stock repos in CentOS


I would like to disable the downloading of the stock repos like 
Centos-Base.repo and the rest They get in the way when I perform upgrades 
(unless I'm doing something wrong?) I usually move the repos to a different 
directory so that yum does not see them.

Thank you,

Paul Deveau
Analyste de systèmes principal|Senior Systems Analyst
Technologies de l’information|Information Technology
Université d’Ottawa|University of 
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