Am 2. März 2019 03:33:20 MEZ schrieb "Zhou, Rui A. (NSB - CN/Shanghai)" 
>When I install the new os using pxe, it is always appears the following
>But the package is the channel, someone has the same error?

I can see the package in the picture, but this also tells me, that this package 
is within a channel, that the client needs to be subscribed to, so your client 
needs to be registered to spacewalk while it's installing.

I did not yet do installations with kickstartable trees. Instead, I use the 
normal "distribution" to install the client and register it to spacewalk in a 

Would be interesting to know, if that package in the picture is the only 
package in that channel that cannot be downloaded or if this was just the first 
that failed and - possibly - all following packages from that channel would 
fail too.

Just try to download it from your admin workstation from the web UI.


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