Am 8. März 2019 16:55:47 MEZ schrieb Lionel Caignec <>:
>Hi Phil,
>thank for your help. No error about java heap space, but tried to
>configure taskomatic memory like you said without success.
>I setup the kickstart part long time ago, just using satellite redhat

Errors within catalina.log?


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>Hi Lionel
>Have you looked in /var/log/rhn/rhn_taskomatic_daemon.log too? After
>seeing "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" messages, in
>there, I changed config for Taskomatic but not sure if this is relevant
>for you?
>Current maxmemory (Xmx) can be seen by checking status of Taskomatic:
># systemctl status taskomatic.service
>I increased from 256 to 4096:
># grep /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
>Then re-started Spacewalk:
># spacewalk-service restart
>Also, I've noted you've said something about using Kickstart. After
>patching for some time I need to start looking at provisioning, too, so
>if you have any notes/links about setup that would be useful.
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>Subject: [Spacewalk-list] Really slow unresponsive GUI
>i'm writing here because i've a strange behaviour with no clue on how
>to resolve it. 
>There is no load on CPU, ram is mostly free, no IO wait, no processus
>stuck a 100%. In log file (tomcat/postresql,...) nothing about error or
>No recent modification on the system.
>When i want to access spacewalk web interface (or API) this one
>sometimes answer after a very long time, and sometimes get error 500.
>Same behaviour with the spacecmd cli command.
>I really don't understand because i've another spacewalk on another
>server and this one work like a charm.
>My setup : VM with 2vpcu 8Gb RAM near 200 clients spacewalk 2.8, used
>only for patching and sometimes kickstart new server.
> JAVA_OPTS -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m, tried with 4096 but no difference.
>I don't know which log to put here due to the fact i found no error
>For now the only solution I imagine is to backup and restore to a new
>server freshly installed my spacewalk.
>Thank you for help.
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