Thanks again for response, but there is no ERR/WARN in catalina log

I've noticed when i tried view "kickstart profile" webpage everytime i get 
error 500. Then all the GUI is slow or unreponsive.
In log i've notice a " kickstartable tree unique constraint violation". I'll 
post exact error message monday when i'll be back at work.
In the database which table store "kickstart profile" information? Perhaps i 
can try to manually change the link between the profile and another kickstart 

Last question which service manage the web gui and API? Is it taskomatic? What 
the best way to put log level at debug on taskomatic?


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Am 8. März 2019 16:55:47 MEZ schrieb Lionel Caignec <>:
>Hi Phil,
>thank for your help. No error about java heap space, but tried to
>configure taskomatic memory like you said without success.
>I setup the kickstart part long time ago, just using satellite redhat

Errors within catalina.log?


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>Hi Lionel
>Have you looked in /var/log/rhn/rhn_taskomatic_daemon.log too? After
>seeing "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" messages, in
>there, I changed config for Taskomatic but not sure if this is relevant
>for you?
>Current maxmemory (Xmx) can be seen by checking status of Taskomatic:
># systemctl status taskomatic.service
>I increased from 256 to 4096:
># grep /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
>Then re-started Spacewalk:
># spacewalk-service restart
>Also, I've noted you've said something about using Kickstart. After
>patching for some time I need to start looking at provisioning, too, so
>if you have any notes/links about setup that would be useful.
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>i'm writing here because i've a strange behaviour with no clue on how
>to resolve it. 
>There is no load on CPU, ram is mostly free, no IO wait, no processus
>stuck a 100%. In log file (tomcat/postresql,...) nothing about error or
>No recent modification on the system.
>When i want to access spacewalk web interface (or API) this one
>sometimes answer after a very long time, and sometimes get error 500.
>Same behaviour with the spacecmd cli command.
>I really don't understand because i've another spacewalk on another
>server and this one work like a charm.
>My setup : VM with 2vpcu 8Gb RAM near 200 clients spacewalk 2.8, used
>only for patching and sometimes kickstart new server.
> JAVA_OPTS -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m, tried with 4096 but no difference.
>I don't know which log to put here due to the fact i found no error
>For now the only solution I imagine is to backup and restore to a new
>server freshly installed my spacewalk.
>Thank you for help.
>Lionel Caignec 
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