Good Morning All,

I noticed something interesting in the web gui of our Spacewalk 2.8 server.  
I'm actually surprised that I did not notice it sooner.  If I change the IP 
address of a client, this change is not reflected in Systems > Details > 
Overview > System Info.  This same outdated information for network interfaces 
is also reflected on the Hardware > Networking tab as well.  

Our clients check in hourly but this information is not getting updated on the 
server.  For some reason I assumed it would, but this is not the case because 
the check in is only looking for scheduled tasks.  I discovered that I needed 
to visit the Hardware tab and click "Schedule Hardware Refresh" to queue a push 
of this information from the client.

This can also be accomplished on the command line using "spacecmd 
system_schedulehardwarerefresh" so I leave this here as a tip for our newer 
users after stumbling upon the issue myself.  Have a good day.

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