I have a spacewalk 2.9 server with CentOS 7 clients. When I run a scheduled
remote command on 50 systems, usually about half of the systems will get
marked as "failed" with the error "Invalid function call attempted (code

They all have the same configuration, and every line put in the remote
command will run just fine from a command prompt. If I go into a system
that has been marked "failed" and manually verify if the command did what
it was supposed to do, many times it actually did succeed, but was still
marked "failed". And there are some that did in fact fail.

How can I address this error to get rid of the false "failed" messages?

I looked in /var/log/up2date on the clients that failed and get just these
messages at the time the scheduled task failed:

up2date updateLoginfo() login info
up2date logging into up2date server
up2date successfully retrieved authentication token from up2date server
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