Thomas Cameron wrote:

In as much as any .cf file in that directory will be read in whenever whatever it is (spamd, amavisd-new etc) starts up. Given read rights, etc.

Where is that documented? I am having a hard time finding things like

I think it's what's known as a "badly kept secret." Unless you count the many and frequent postings on this list, pointing it out. Should be in a FAQ somewhere (and is, perhaps :), it isn't in 'man spamd', 'man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf',though. It's probably in the code in the Perl Mail/SpamAssassin hierarchy.

Of course, it's been a 70+ hour week and I may just be too stupid to
operate anything more complicated than a paper clip at this point, too. ;-)

A known syndrome. It never pays to think about the same thing too long, though. Start thinking about something completely different and come back the next day. That way, most computer stuff, at least, sorts itself out. Especially complex things. Quite surprising, really



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