Hi there,
Please bear with me as I'm trying to determine if Spam Assassin will do what I need it to, I have a couple of simple questions.
I am running a Mac OSX 10.2.6 'client' machine, using Tenon's iTools (web/ftp/mail etc...) package for serving. We have around 25 users hanging off this machine & I'd like to cut the amount of spam running into the server.
The mail portion (MTA) is the inbuilt Apple provided sendmail 8.12.9 with Tenon's GUI config interface for providing anti-relay etc... local domains, virtual users etc... Additionally, procmail is apparently installed at /usr/bin/procmail
Could someone let me know what the best method of installing spam assassin would be (OSX specific info would be great if there is some) please. I'm not concerned about RBL lists.
Ideally, the setup would see Spam Assassin intercept mail, check it, block/delete it if it's spam (i.e. the usual subject line checks etc... IP confirmation). There are numerous domains on this machine, so a server-wide approach would be best - I tried to find the server-wide page on the spamassassin.org site, but it eludes me as yet.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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