At 16:38 14/06/03 +0100, Mathew Hendry wrote:
Jim Ford wrote:

> If auto-learn is on (default setting), is there any point in putting
> correctly identified spam and ham through sa-learn? Is the only use
> for sa-learn to teach SA when spam or ham is incorrectly identified?

No, auto-learn learns only from mails with particularly high or low
scores. The default thresholds are

auto_learn_threshold_nonspam    -0.5
auto_learn_threshold_spam       10

In fact the default settings are

auto_learn_threshold_nonspam -2
auto_learn_threshold_spam 15

In all version of 2.5x. However since 2.54 the scores of many tests have been redone, (mainly removing or curtailing most negative scores) so I'm currently using -1 for ham and 12 for spam, as the defaults now learn hardly any ham...


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