Kai Schaetzl wrote:

it was your response below. I really didn't quite understand it, but was wondering what Gerhard Schrder had to do with this or "statistics". And so I figured there was a slight chance that this was intended to express that you didn't like my reply. Whatever, thanks for clarifying. :-)

Ah. No, it wasn't against you. Rumsfeld had told Schröder he had to do what the US said (go to war), because the US said so. Schröder, remembering past history, got very annoyed. I don't suppose German listeners would have heard or even appreciated how annoyed he was - it was a BBC clip, in English. I found it marvelous, the BBC played it over and over again for weeks and I found it just as marvelous each time.

What I was trying to say was, that I'd once had to learn statistics as part of a business course and what people on the list were saying about murdering the Bayes database before it had even reached maturity made me feel like Gerhard Schröder.

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