I am running a Qmail-Vmailmgr-Courier-SquirrelMail setup and want to
incorporate SpamAssassin into it. I am unsure what exactly what I need to
run.. or what to edit.

I think I have read most of the documentation and tried looking on google
for something.

Each email account is virtual and the actual account is the domain name. I
don't care about seperating on and off for other users as I control all the
domains and all the email's I pretty much dictate the network. The domain
account something like /home/dom/domainname.com/.qmail-default
which is:
I am guessing thats the delivery script to virtual account.. I just don't
know enough about how it all works together and where SA would fit in..

Is there someone who has sucessfully setup SA w/ this kind of setup? Or seen
a "HOW-TO" anywhere? I was thinking maybe qmail-scanner but I am not sure..

I am currently running Redhat 7.3.

Thank you,
Charles Douvier

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