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log cycling. Restart spamd after the logs are cycled.

Interesting. This could explain a very recent anomaly with Postfix 2.0.12/amavisd-new 20030314 (for those who don't know, amavisd-new uses SpamAssassin's Perl library instead of spamd.)

Whereas I'd never ever had any problems with Exim (the logs are cycled nightly,) my super fast Postfix 2.0.12 suddenly slowed down to a snail's pace. Restarting Postfix solved it.

Postfix and amavisd-new use *nix's logging facility, Exim has its own. The problem is, I never know when the postfix logs (/var/log/postfix for me) are going to be rotated (logrotate,) just that that will be "weekly" or when the log file size exceeds 1M (/etc/logrotate.d/postfix.)


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