Hi Folks,

I don't mean to be a persistent complainer of sorts, but since I took it upon myself (along with a few other subscribers, I might add) to joke about a piece of spam that happened to be sent to the list, I received the following automated (well, appears so anyway) message:


One of your subscribers is abusing your resources by either sending out
unsolicited commercial email ("UCE" or "SPAM") or by deceiving appearances to
that this content was somehow requested ("opt-in").

Please identify this individual and terminate his access, including all
connection accounts, immediately.

A copy of the complete content, including full SMTP headers, is appended

As a precaution, this abuse is also being reported to national databases, in an
effort to thwart this type of activity.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.


I realize that desperate times call for desperate measures, but this is something akin to calling the police everytime a mysterious vehicle drives down the street. I'm sorry if I sound a little annoyed, but frankly, I don't believe that auto-responders mix very well with mailing lists...

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