On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 02:45:26PM +0200, Kim Bisgaard wrote:
> I am trying to run spamd a non-root user. I am using global SA 
> filtering, and run both spamd and spamc as the same user.
> The problem is that I get a log of errors in the log and I do not know 
> what I have done to get them there (I am not a Perl expert!). First I 
> get a lot of errors when I start spamd (Only the start and end shown 
> here - there are a lot!):

You have a whole bunch of old (assuming you're running a newer version
of SA) config options.  My guess is that you have some ancient config
files hanging around somewhere.  Then you have a bunch of errors that
indicate old modules.

So I recommend going around, blow away any SA-related files, then

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