Kristian Koehntopp wrote on 11 June 2003:

> Has anybody written a analogue to
> I am looking for a solution that stores SpamAssassin Preferences within
> an LDAP store.

and on 17 June 2003:

> This is an untested draft, which I am going to debug and test now.
> Why post untested code? Because the test setup is at a distance, and
> I will be on a slow debug cycle. I would like to hear opinions,
> though, and will submit finished code, if there is interest.

Kristian: your posting follows only 24 hours after my making code available
which allows SA witelists to be looked up in an LDAP directory (see thread
discussion "Whitelist using LDAP server").

Although these 2 enhancements are addressing slightly different problems,
it might be worth at some stage seeing if they can share some common code
for LDAP directory access, and some consistent naming scheme for their
LDAP-related config file options.

Perhaps it's best to get some feedback on each separately to start with,
and come back to this later?


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