Thus spake Rick Macdougall ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [13/06/03 19:49]:
> Works globally without any hacks, but per user is a little more 
> difficult to implement.

Hrmmm...  I was hoping for per-user, as we have a rather large and diverse
user base.  I can only see a global Bayes causing more harm than good.  :(

> I had promised a few month's ago to work on something to allow this but 
> time seems to have a way of vanishing before I can make any really 
> headway on it.

I'd be willing to contribute some time to it myself, but I'd need some time
to actually review the Bayesian code beforehand (it's been a while since
I've looked at the SA code).  I'd presume that the Bayes databases would be
shifted into the SQL database...?  But I'm fully guessing here.

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