I have sendmail/MIMEDefang/spamassassin running on our corporate email
server.  One of our editors (a bigwig) has Outlook running as a POP client
from her house.  By request she is running her primary email account from a
third-party email service.

Our other employees enjoy the satisfaction of having most of their spam
tagged, so it can be filtered into a "spam" folder in their Inbox.  However,
the editor's third-party email service does not offer anti-spam filtering
and she doesn't want her personal email running through the corporate mail

I understand there are numerous Outlook add-ins that can do various things
to detect spam.  Does anyone have experience with any of these that they can
share with me?  I'd like to avoid paying any money.  She does have a
high-speed always-on internet connection if bandwidth comes into play.

Matthew van Eerde
Software Engineer
Hispanic Business Inc.
805.964.4554 x902

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