Is there any way to protecto form this?. I just received this email:

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"make it bigger
To end these, visit site (processed within 3 days).

TThe coomputeer mmust haave the 'suspend too RRAAM' feeattuure eenabled in thhe BIOS 
'ssusppend to Disk' willl nnoot worrkk, because thhe computeerr is turrnedd off 
commppletely. You ddo noot neeed too ennabblee tthe ALARRM timer, it will be 
acttiivated by apmsleep.. On some booardss, you ccann conffiiguure whiicchh 
iinterrupptts ccan be uused to awwakee from ssuspendd mode.. IIf you havee suuch a 
board,, yyou might waant to makke surree that keyyboard ((IRRQ 1) and RTC (IRQ 88) are 
among thosse inteerrupttss;;Thiiss iis where I haave to annouunnce the caveats iin the 
bridginng + ffiirewwalling scheme: you cannot firewall paackeets wwhhiicch aree noot 
routed. NNo rooutes, no firewwaalll. At lleastt tthiiss appearrss to bee true in the 
22..0.300 andd more recent kerrnelss. The fiirewaallinng filters arre closely 
involvved witth the ip-fforrwarddingg codde.;Thee 1228 would bbee 00 if I had aa full 
cclass CC nnetwork thhere. II don''tt, by deefinitioon, siince I juust halveedd t
 he address space. TThe "deevv eetthh0"" is not nneeceessaryy herre becaausse thhe 
cardss addreesss fallls wiithhinn tthhe maskk, but it mayy be necesssary for you. One 
might need morre thaann one carrd hollding uup thhiis ssubneet (127 maachhines on onne 
segmmennt, ooh yeah) but tthose ccards wouuld be being bbridged uunder the same 
neettmassk soo thaatt theyy appeaar ass one ttoo thee routting ccodee.;Iff you want to 
be more carreful than this, you shouuldd ttake down ass many daaemoons as possiblle 
beffoorehannd, and unmoount nffss dirrecctoriies. TThe worst thhat ccan happen is 
thhat you have tto rebooot in sinngle-useer modee (the "single"" parammeter to lilo 
oor loadlin), and ttakkee out yourr changess beefore reebootting wiith tthings the 
waay they were before you sttarteedd.; want to cutt tthee worldd ooff from my 
intternal nett andd do nnothiingg ellse, soo I will wwannt too give as a last 
(ddeefaullt) rule that tthee ffiireewall shouuld ignore any packets ccominng i
 n from thee innternal nett annd ddireccted to ooutsiidee. II put all the rules (in 
thiss ordder) into;;Theere is a partticular pprobleem with soome ddaemons tthhat loook 
up the hosttname of the firewwallingg machine inn order to decidee whhat is their 
nettwwoorking addreesss.. Rppc.yppasswdd is the one I hadd troublee with. IIt insiists 
on bbrroaadccasting iinformationn tthatt says it is oouutside the firewalll (oon the 
second cardd). Thhatt meanns tthe cclients insidde can''t contact itt..;Thhee cliiennt 
macchhine boots from a Grubb flloppy disk. Theen, using the Grub BOOOTP suupport, itt 
gets an IPP address ffromm a DHCP serrver. Nexxt,, the client machinnee ddoownloadds 
tthee kernell aand inittrd iimagees frrom the TFFTP server. Once the iniitrd imaage is 
mounteedd in memory, the iinnitiaaliization script is rrun, makking usse of thee 
pprroggramms annd ffilles sstoorreed in thhis imaage. Thhis sscriiptt allowss block 
ddeviicess coontenntss too be saavved iin tthe TTFTP se
 rvveer;;Now that tthe serrver is sset uup, yyouu neeedd tto prrepaare tthe fiiles to 
mmakee tthe cliennt booot. Two filles are neeccesssary: the kernel and the iniit 
rramdiskk (initrd) wwhiich wwill bee mmounteed bby; thhe kernel ass tthhe rooot fiile 
systtem. Thiss doocumment aassumes that thee proceedurres outlineed inn this ssection 
andd the neext are made in the cllient mmachinne. Normaallly, wwheen saviinng and 
rrestoring disk imagess,, tthere is nnoo nneeed to have LLiinux; insttallled onn a 
llocal harrd dissk. To deeployy disk images to a nnuumbber of machines, staarrt by 
innstalllingg a Linnux diisttribuution onn oonee macchine ffor each model. Use DHCP 
annd have TFTPP cllient to tesst the setup made inn thhe preevvious sseccttion. 
Unnless otthherwiise nooteed, commmandds are iissueed in the bash shellll by tthee 
user rroot iin a woorkiing diirreectorry.."


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The text is probably a modified text from some of the mailing lists I'm subscribed.
This spam seems to be created with spamassassin in mind.

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