Ok, we're probably not using a "cluster" in the truest since of the

We have 1 main Linux box as a server (houses the /home directories, runs
sendmail/SA, apache, etc).  Runs LDAP which acts as the authorative user
directory.  Users do not have shell access to this machine.

We have 4-5 other Linux boxes that users have shell access to - these
make an LDAP connection for authentication.  /home is NFS mounted from
the main server.

Situation: a user wants to run sa-learn on a corpus of ham/spam in their
~/mail directory  (eg. ~/mail/Spam).  However, since SA isn't installed
on their interactive machine, sa-learn isn't there.

My question - do we need to install SA on each Linux machine, or is
there some minor bits (the sa-learn module, DB_File, etc) we can simply
copy over?


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