At Fri Jan 23 19:44:34 2004, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> Also- maybe it's just me, but it seems rather silly to not allow the
> user to auto-learn messages that have been whitelisted, either sitewide
> or user-specific.  Could someone a)explain the reasoning here and b)tell
> me how to change this?  It is almost completely contrary to what we
> want- any addresses we've whitelisted are guaranteed to be sending
> legitimate email and we would ABSOLUTELY want them auto-learned as ham,
> NOT the other way around...

One of the problems is that there's no way of telling Bayes *why*
you've whitelisted these messages.  

It might be because you get the occasional false positive that you
want to avoid (but all the rest come under your threshold).  You
probably would want these autolearned as ham.

Or it might be because the messages are from a mailing list like this
one, where the messages may well contain extracts from spam.  In this
case you positively *don't* want to autolearn them as ham, because
it'll adversely affect the Bayes database's training.

You could work around the problem by creating your own rules to
identify these messages, and give them a negative score.  These *will*
cause Bayes to pick the messages up, as long as it takes them below
the autolearn-as-ham threshold.

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