> Yesterday, at approximately 5:20pm, my server stopped filtering spam... it
> just decided to happily pass it along to its intended recipient.  All the
> processes appeared to be running.  /var/log/maillog shows calls to spamd,
> and it responding to connections, just doesn't seem to be doing any
> processing...  Nothing on /var/log/messages.  The server has been very
> stable...

This is essentially what's happened to me!  What is going on?  None of mine
is tagged as spam.  SOME headers show that it was filtered by SA, but was
ham.  Dan, if you figure it out, please let me know.  I'm a newbie and have
no clue where to look.  I use Postfix, Procmail, and SA, and it was working
great.  -John

P.S.  I posted about this several hours ago and have still not seen the
post.  We know the list is having problems, so that's no big deal.  I'd sure
like to know why my spamd quit tagging email.  Restarting spamd didn't help,
and neither did a complete reboot.  Thanks any help.

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