spamdyke version 4.0.1 is now available:

This version fixes several bugs:
        The automatic conversion of a graylist directory structure could 
generate errors for empty sender addresses (commonly used for bounce messages). 
 Thanks to David Stiller for reporting this one.
        Connections encrypted with TLS (not decrypted by spamdyke) weren't 
always being rejected, even if there was no chance they should be accepted.  
Thanks to Sergio Minini for reporting this one.
        A double-free() problem could result in crashes if the 
"rejection-text-graylist" option was used within a configuration directory.
        Compiling on Solaris was generating a warning.

Version 4.x is NOT backwards compatible with 3.x; be sure to read the 
documentation before upgrading.

Version 4.0.1 is backwards-compatible with version 4.0.0; simply replacing the 
old binary with the new one should be safe.

-- Sam Clippinger

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