spamdyke version 4.0.6 is now available:

This version fixes a number of bugs:
        Keywords for the IP-in-rDNS filter are now correctly terminated so they 
can be matched.  Thanks to Erald Troja for reporting this one.
        AUTH advertisements from a patched qmail are now completely removed 
when the "smtp-auth-level" option is "always" or "always-encrypted".  Thanks to 
Youri Kravatsky for reporting this one (again).
        The name of the matching RBL/RHSBL is now logged when multiple 
RBLs/RHSBLs are used instead of always logging the first one.  Thanks to Arthur 
Girardi for reporting this one (again).
        Slow remote servers are now handled politely so spamdyke will not 
consume 100% CPU.  Thanks to Paulo Henrique Fonseca for reporting this one.
        The RHSBL filter will no longer try to access illegal memory addresses, 
potentially causing segmentation faults.
        Using the full logging feature with a "log-level" option set to 
"excessive" will no longer send log output to the remote server when spamdyke 
is used on Plesk servers.  Thanks to Arthur Girdari for reporting this one and 
helping to track it down.

Version 4.x is NOT backwards compatible with 3.x; be sure to read the 
documentation before upgrading.

Version 4.0.6 is backwards-compatible with version 4.0.5; simply replacing the 
old binary with the new one should be safe.

-- Sam Clippinger

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