Wait a second, two releases in one year?  Yes!  spamdyke version 4.3.0 is now 

"They" say free software is all about scratching your own itch and that may be 
true... This version is brought to you by ClubVIP Casino, the spammers who 
wouldn't leave me alone.

This version adds the ability to filter messages based on the content of their 
headers.  Please note that enabling this feature should be accompanied by 
disabling the use of the "softlimit" program.  In addition to fixing some small 
bugs and a compiling error on Debian 7, it also fixes a series of major bugs 
that could lead to buffer overflows.  Depending on spamdyke's configuration, 
these could cause remotely exploitable security holes.  Please upgrade 


Version 4.x is NOT backwards compatible with 3.x; be sure to read the 
documentation before upgrading.

Version 4.3.0 is backwards-compatible with version 4.2.1; simply replacing the 
old binary with the new one should be safe.

-- Sam Clippinger

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