Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... spamdyke version 
5.0.0 is now available!  Get it here:

This version is a major update that adds 12 new options, renames 3 options and 
removes 5 options.  The meaning of "whitelisted" is changed to allow 
whitelisted connections to bypass spamdyke's filters but not to automatically 
relay (unless allowed for some other reason).  DNS searches for valid sender 
domains will now prioritize MX records before A records.  Full recipient 
validation is now available.  Sender addresses can be rejected if they don't 
match the username given during authentication (or if the domain doesn't 
match).  Lots of bug fixes too!

Because of all the changes to spamdyke's options, version 5.0.0 is not 
backwards compatible with previous versions. Be sure to read the documentation 
before upgrading!

-- Sam Clippinger

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