Nope, you don't need those files.  spamdyke-qrv will use them if they exist, 
otherwise it will assume the default values.

However, if you're using Plesk you don't need spamdyke-qrv at all.  The 
built-in Plesk filters already check for valid recipients before they allow a 
message to be accepted.

-- Sam Clippinger

On May 30, 2014, at 5:11 PM, Les Fenison <> 

> According to the list of files in the docs, I am missing some.  Is it 
> necessary to have them all?  I am missing these...
> /var/qmail/control/envnoathost
> /var/qmail/control/percenthack
> I am running the Plesk version of qmail which doesn't provide those files.
> I have specified the path to the spamdyke-qrv file and not seeing any error 
> messages in config-test
> I get an error when specifying multiple choices for reject-recipient.  Is it 
> not possible to use multiple?  I want to reject same-as-sender, invalid, and 
> unavailable.   How can I specify multiple options?
> I have tried reject-recipient=same-as-sender, invalid, unavailable
> which gives me
> Illegal value for option reject-recipient: invalid, same-as-sender, 
> unavailable (must be one of none, same-as-sender, invalid, unavailable)
> Debugging qrv???  I am having trouble using config-test.  It always hangs and 
> then consumes major CPU and disk resources.   The output always looks like 
> this before it hangs.
> spamdyke 5.0.0+TLS+CONFIGTEST+DEBUG (C)2014 Sam Clippinger, samc (at) silence 
> (dot) org
> Use --help for an option summary, --more-help for option details or see 
> README.html for complete documentation.
> WARNING: Running tests as superuser root(0), group root(0). These test 
> results may not be valid if the mail server runs as another user.
> SUCCESS: /var/qmail/bin/relaylock appears to offer TLS support but spamdyke 
> will intercept and decrypt the TLS traffic so all of its filters can operate.
> ERROR: /var/qmail/bin/relaylock appears to offer SMTP AUTH support. spamdyke 
> will observe any authentication and trust its response. The 
> "smtp-auth-command" option was given but will be ignored.
> SUCCESS(config-file): Opened for reading: /etc/spamdyke.conf
> SUCCESS(dns-resolv-conf): Opened for reading: /etc/resolv.conf
> SUCCESS(graylist-exception-ip-file): Opened for reading: 
> /etc/spamdyke.d/graylist-exception-rdns.conf
> SUCCESS(graylist-exception-rdns-file): Opened for reading: 
> /etc/spamdyke.d/graylist-exception-ip.conf
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