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On 07/04/2014 10:54 AM, Joe @ 3ZZZ wrote:

Yesterday a client reported that he stopped receiving alerts from Amazon
seller central as of July 1st.

In maillog, found many entries such as:

Jul  4 06:16:28 *hostname* spamdyke[27351]: TIMEOUT from:
to: cli...@clientdomain.com origin_ip: origin_rdns: a13-37.smtp-out.amazonses.com auth: (unknown)
encryption: TLS reason: TIMEOUT

Found this post in the archive which seems to be related:

and I'm going to try recompiling today for the suggested "excessive

In the meanwhile, wondering if anyone else is seeing this?  (Amazon is a
rather large sender and it seems more than this one client on my server
is being affected now)

Currently on spamdyke v 4.3.1 and wondering if upgrading to 5.0 might
resolve this?

Going to try today but would appreciate any input in advance, if available.

thank you,

I've seen some of these too, now that you mention it (and I went looking for some). I rebuilt an excessive spamdyke, captured a few full logs, and sent them directly to Sam (they're a little big to post here).

I can't tell much regarding the error from the log, and I won't speculate other than to say that the problem appears to be at the very end of the smtp session.

I expect we'll hear from Sam soon about the prognosis.


-Eric 'shubes'

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Thanks for confirming it's not just me. I also saw in the full log that the entire message was there before the timeout error, but it never makes it to the client's inbox.

Please let me know if there's any more info I can provide or any update?

Thank you,

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