Can someone point me in the right direction please?


I'm setting up a couple of av/anti-spam mailscanner nodes. These nodes will
process email for two particular domains, then send the filtered messages on
to a more general purpose hosting/email system that's running spamdyke and
deals with email for many other domains. 


I want to stop this hosting system from accepting mail from any IPs other
than the mailscanner nodes, but just for these two particular domains.


I know how to create a domain-specific config file for spamdyke. What I'm
not terribly sure of is how to blacklist all and allow only the IPs I want.


Can I do it by ip-blacklisting 1-254. and ip-whitelisting the IPs I want?


e.g, in the domain-specific config file:

#blacklist all



And in my global spamdyke.conf I'd have the mailscanner nodes whitelisted,
so I don't have to do it in lots of files if they ever change IPs):

#whitelist IPs of mailscanners




Or does the 1-254 format only work when I'm using an ip blacklist FILE?


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!


(background  - I don't want to run clamd/Spamassassin on emails coming in
from the IPs of the mailscanner nodes, but have no way to switch scanning
off only for email that comes in via a particular IP. My only option is,
therefore, to switch off av/sa completely for the domains in question on the
hosting system, and then only allow email to come in for them from the IPs
of the mailscanners. The system running spamdyke also hosts normal email for
other domains, so I can't firewall port 25 or anything like that..)





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