At the suggestion of others here, I turned OFF greylisting last year, after having used it for years before that. My spam level didn't increase one bit. I think the RBL sites are pretty good at identifying spam originations, so I use thatmethod now.

On 11/4/2014 12:55 AM, Quinn Comendant wrote:
I'm new to greylisting, and have just set up spamdyke on a mail server with a 
few hundred users. Immediately my colleagues and I got annoyed with delayed 
deliveries to our personal addresses ;P.

I'm wondering if it would be a reasonable solution to create a 
`graylist-exception-rdns-file` containing the top 500 or so most common 
reputable rdns hosts? Surely no spam would be expected to originate from rdns 
origins matching, e.g.:

Using a list such as might be a good start. I hope this 
method would allow the prevention of delivery delays from the hosts people rely 
on most, while still inhibiting spam from the other 99.99999% of rdns hosts.

Does anybody have experience using this method?

I'm trying it now, and will report back if I have any issues. But I don't have 
a history of using greylisting, so not sure if it is a best practice.


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