Hi Everyone,

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Dear Sam,

at first thank you for glorious work with spamdyke! I'm using it
several years and it's very helpful to me.

At 30th march 2015 I've done an upgrade to version 5 (previous: last
version). Since then I often get a segfault in spamdyke:

Tue Apr 7 12:05:19 2015] spamdyke[13607]: segfault at 14 ip
00007f60ce1e3ba8 sp 00007fff6bac3ce0 error 4 in

On 2015-04-07 18:16, Sam Clippinger via spamdyke-users wrote:
If spamdyke was compiled on this server, I doubt the problem is
glibc... it's more likely the messages are showing a location within
glibc because the fault occurs within a library function. From those
log entries, I think the most likely clues are the ones mentioning a
double free or corrupt memory -- that may indicate a bad pointer being
passed to free() somewhere. Definitely a bug!

Is there any chance you could recompile spamdyke with excessive output
and capture a full log of one of these crashes? That would be an
immense help in reproducing this problem. To enable excessive output,
run these commands in the spamdyke source folder:
 ./configure --enable-excessive-output
Then copy the new spamdyke binary over the old one. To capture full
log files, add the "full-log-dir" option to your configuration file.
When a crash happens, the full log file will spamdyke's environment
and configuration, as well as every move it made up until the crash.
Feel free to send it to me privately if you don't want to post it to
the list.

In the meantime, I'll do some more experimentation with the
earlytalker filter and SMTPS, since those two features seem to be
visible in the logs. There's definitely a bug in there somewhere if
it's happening so frequently on your server.

Thanks for reporting this!

-- Sam Clippinger

It seem that I have similar problem with version 5.0.0 against local glibc-2.19.
In my log file I can see many crashes like this:

kernel: [5030424.419362] traps: spamdyke[14595] general protection ip:7fed7de9f035 sp:7ffff8625050 error:0 in libc-2.19.so[7fed7de57000+19a000]

I'll recompile spamdyke with excessive output option and send you my logs soon, Sam. Thank you.

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