Yes you did and I'm sorry I didn't find a solution then.  Having more available 
time now, I'd like to take another shot.

Looking over the logs you sent me last year, I believe the crashes you were 
seeing are different from the ones reported earlier this week.  In the 
spamdyke.conf file you sent, you're using the ip-relay-file option and I think 
it's very likely spamdyke is crashing while trying to parse that file.  If you 
still have it, could you send me that file so I can test against it?

-- Sam Clippinger

On Apr 10, 2015, at 1:49 PM, Steve Cole via spamdyke-users 
<> wrote:

> On 2015-04-10 02:52 AM, Les Fenison via spamdyke-users wrote:
>> I am running spamdyke version 5.0.0+TLS+CONFIGTEST+DEBUG with Plesk's qmail 
>> and trying to do TLS.
>> I don't know what I am doing so please correct me if I am debugging this 
>> wrong...   Using openssl to verify the connection, it seems to connect OK 
>> but email clients claim that starttls is not supported. 
>> From the command line I see this which tells me it actually is working 
>> except for the second line.  Is this normal?
> I reported these problems over a year ago.  Just FYI.
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